My 2D animated film I completed my senior year at the Savannah College of Art and Design in May 2014. Bygone begins in the Edwardian period with the focus on the main character Cora, who is celebrated as the face of the era. Cora realizes that her time in the spotlight is coming to an end when the character Mattie, a colorful fresh image, representing the Roaring Twenties unknowingly steals her light. Resentment, fear, and Cora’s unwillingness to accept change has her trapped in her own time period. Little does she know that Mattie’s entrance to her life is not the end for Cora but the beginning of a whole new world.

-Winner of Digital Cel Animation Achievement SCAD Animation Graduation Showcase 2014 -Speechless Film Festival- Best In Show Animation/Experimental 2015 -Cleveland International Film Festival Official Selection 2015 -Skyline Indie Film Festival 2015 -Athens International Film and Video Festival Official Selection 2015 -Pittsburgh Filmmakers Three River Film Festival 2015